Tips and Tricks to Save with the Internet

Hi friends,

Lil and I take the power of the internet and apps for granted. We constantly use technology to save money (and make us money with our investments, but more on that later), and we wanted to share some of those tips with you.  We plan to write and share a series of articles to help people understand and take advantage of the internet.

Here are some of the topics we plan to cover in this series:

  1. Cable Cutting – Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Etc – Save money by getting rid of your cable bill.
  2. Ride Sharing – Uber/Lyft/Etc – Save time and money by avoiding traditional taxi cabs.
  3. Room Sharing – AirBnb/HomeAway/Etc – Cheaper and often more beautiful than traditional hotels
  4. Digital Banking – Venmo/Paypal/Etc – Free person-to-person transactions
  5. Online Loans – CommonBond/SoFi/Etc – Lower overhead = lower fees
  6. Online Shopping – Craigslist/SlickDeals/Ebates/Etc – Stretch your dollar with these tried and true websites.

We hope this proves interesting and informative.

These are Little Steps to some Big Savings.


-Lil & Big

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