DIY – Lil & Big are moved in together Fall 2016! Read about our past and present DIY projects, including the Bar Cart, Bakers Rack, End Tables, Coffee Table, as well as our secondhand furniture finds and how we kept our interior design solutions rental-friendly.  We will take you step by step through each project and provide you with some tips, tricks, and do-not’s. Read about our DIY projects here.

Phase 2 of the bar cart

Hugo the Skoolie: We recently adopted a retired school bus that we’ve fondly named Hugo the Skoolie. We plan to convert him into an RV – camper – tiny house on wheels – adventure mobile! Read about Hugo here.

Freezing yet sweaty after a long demo day!

Travel – We live in NYC, but we love to travel around the country and the world.  Read about our adventures in NYC, The Hudson Valley, Savannah, Chicago, Montreal, Rhode Island, Italy, and how we stretch each travel budget with credit card points and sexy spreadsheets here.

In Sorrento, Italy for our birthdays – for FREE!

Finance – Let your money do the heavy lifting.  If you want to travel and eat good food, you must take steps to financial freedom.  Get out of debt (watch Lil tackle her 100K in student loans), invest in stocks, and spend wisely.  Follow us as we find ways to afford to live large while spending little and building wealth. Get financially literate here!

Free admission to the Brooklyn Museum for Target First Saturdays for Grammy’s birthday!