Being our typical serious selves at The Uncommons, an awesome hole-in-the-wall board game coffee shop in Greenwich Village, NYC

We are Lil and Big.  We live in NYC, and we love adventures. We met in 2015, and it was basically love at first sight – read more here.

Lil is a PA at one of the top hospitals in the US.  She had previously worked in the design field in Chicago and lived paycheck to paycheck until she faced foreclosure in 2010. Six years later, she is aggressively tackling her $100k of grad school loans and will have paid it off in less than 2 years thanks to budgeting, research, and Big.

Big is an Accountant at a cool tech company in NYC.  He had previously played college football, obtained his MBA, and worked at a Big Four Accounting Firm.  He has always been financially conscious; even in college, he acquired little debt through internships and scholarships and was able to pay it off with money made through stock investments. He is currently working at his dream job, has built up a solid portfolio of stocks, and uses discretionary income to go on adventures with Lil.